Star Trek Online Weapons Guide


As with quite a few other matters in Star Trek Online, your deliver’s guns can be enormously customized as properly. You can’t trade their looks or bonuses, but you could pick out from a ramification of different weaponry and every has its precise and awful facets.

The weapons in Star Trek fall into one in all 5 categories: Beam guns, Torpedoes, Mines, Turrets and Cannons. I’ll attempt to clarify the variations of every one and provide a few recommendation why some are better than others.

Beam Weapons

Beam guns may be both Phasers or Disruptors. Phasers are normally utilized by Federation gamers and maximum of them have a danger to disable your combatants ship subsystem consisting of engines or shields for a quick time. Disruptors are typically used by the Klingon faction gamers and have a different bonus, a threat to debuff your enemy in which case he’ll get hold of some greater damage for a quick quantity of time. It’s completely as much as the player to decide which of them to use. One vital component you ought to maintain an eye fixed out whilst deciding on which beam weapon to apply is its firing arc: a few have absolutely slim arcs of 45 levels and are known as Dual, even as others have wider firing arcs, up to 250 degrees. If you are the use of a gradual deliver which includes a cruiser you’ll have a tough time facing most combatants so it is advocated to use beam guns with 250 degree arcs.


Torpedoes are extraordinarily potent weapons which deal large harm while your combatants shields are down. They include a spread of harm types, which include Quantum torpedoes, Photon torpedoes and several others. They move as an alternative slowly so it’s important to time it proper, preferably they should hit your targets the moment their shields are depleted, otherwise they may recharge them rapid or flip other facet in their ship towards you. There also are Heavy Plasma Torpedoes, which pass even slower than normal ones. They deal massive amount of damage even via shields, but your enemies can target and smash them earlier than they attain the deliver.


Mines are typically used in aft weapon slots to war brief and maneuverable Escort ships which usually try and attack you from behind. With the right capabilities, mines can be pretty efficient.


Turrets deal genuinely small harm, but their upside is they fire continuously in any direction. Players normally equip those in rear weapon slots and try to face their warring parties with heavy forward weapons. Even though the damage pg slot of turrets is nowhere close to as compared to different weapons, as mentioned they continuously fireplace in a 360 diploma arc and can be pretty beneficial.


Cannons are the maximum effective guns for depleting shields however can most effective be used on Escort deliver. If you experience a Cruiser or a Science vessel you will no longer be able to use cannons, however you could captain an Escort deliver even if you selected every other elegance. Typically, gamers use cannons in forward weapon slots and use Dual Cannons with a 45 degree firing arc due to the fact that the ones do the maximum harm. They can expend your enemies shields very quickly wherein case a few torpedoes ought to fast finish them off.